Durable Paddle Brushes That'll Smooth Out Your Hair

If you’ve got long hair or hair that seems impossible to tame, the paddle brush is the hair brush for you. With its wide bristles, the paddle brush gently combs through your wet or dry hair to get rid of any residual tangles from your shower. Unlike other brushes that can snag and cause breakage, this one separates hairs without destroying them. It also gives your scalp a mini-massage. While that does feel good, the brush is also doing a little something extra. It’s moving the excess oil off your scalp and redistributing it to the lower parts of your strands. That means your hair won’t feel greasy in the middle of the day, despite just having washed it the night before. 

We rounded up the best paddle brushes for you. Our picks boast ergonomic handles, which ensures your hand is comfortable while you use the paddle brush during blow-drying time. All three of our selections will look great on your bathroom counters. We’ve got two flashy colorful choices, and one more natural pick.

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1. Lily England Paddle Brush

You can’t go wrong with this luxe rose gold paddle brush. It has a gel and ergonomic handle that molds to your grip, making it easy to style your hair. This brush is made for all types of hair, ranging from fine to thick. The bristles are flexible, so you can brush through your hair without any pain or discomfort. It’ll get the tangles out of your hair while you blow-dry it and speed up your dry time.

Lily England Paddle Brush

Courtesy of Lily English.

2. Revlon Straight & Smooth Berry Paddle Hair Brush

Get a static-free dry with this pretty purple brush. Designed to brush out wet and dry hair, this paddle brush has soft bristles. It has a rubberized finish on the handle, which makes this brush easier to maneuver in your hands. The brush can be used to smooth or straighten your hair. It can also loosen up your curls for a loose, wavy look. You can get it in black, berry or mint.

Revlon Straight & Smooth Berry Paddle Hair Brush

Courtesy of Revlon.

3. Hair Brush Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Tame your hair, whether it’s thin or thick, with this boar bristle hair paddle brush. The bristles have handmade nylon ball tips, which helps massage the scalp and re-distribute oil from the scalp, meaning that your hair won’t get as greasy as fast. This hair brush is gentle and will ensure that your hair doesn’t break from brushing it out with the wooden handle. It also comes with a bonus wide-tail comb.

Hair Brush Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Courtesy of URTHEONE.

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