Delaware Online Revenue Grew 133.3% in 2020

The state of Delaware has revealed that its online betting revenue grew 133.3% in 2020, reaching $8.4 million in terms of money generated from the site.

Players for the year bet $227.7 million, up 78.8% from last year with Covid lockdowns being attributed to the growth. The Delaware Park online site saw revenue rise 121.7% to $3.2 million. Dover Downs saw revenue grow 127.1% to also hit $3.2 million. The Harrington Raceway brought in $2 million for the year.

Dover Downs saw player stakes of $89.7 million, while Delaware Park had wagers of $83.7 million. Harrington Raceway customers bet $55.3 million. Most of the game wagers came from video slots, with $124.4 million bet. Table game bets hit $104.3 million, and poker rake was $650,000.

Delaware is a very small state with a small population, and therefore its revenues always will sag behind the likes of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, both of which boast many times the number of people.

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