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Welcome once again to Casino Game Strategy Reviews.
Many Baccarat strategies use Permutations as their method
for bet selection and our strategy today is no different.
The bet selection is the Opposite of the Decision, six bets previous.
We then bet in a simple 3 step Martingale to hope for a hit in the next 3 hands.
This is certainly a longer session style of play strategy, so lets look in detail at what’s required.
Permutation 63 is named as we are betting the opposite of the decision 6 hands ago, for up to 3 times.
When starting a shoe you will need to obtain six results before you can start betting.
Once obtained, you bet the opposite of the first three results using a three step Martingale until you get a win, or lose all three bets.
The three step Martingale is; 1, 2 and 4.
Once you have a win, or have lost all three bets,
you wait until the remainder of the six hands has finished before starting betting again.
In our example, we can see that our first six results were;
Banker, Player, Player, Player, Banker, Player.
This means for the next three hands we are trying to get a win by betting;
Player, Banker, Banker.

If we win or lose all three bets then the remainder of the series of six is a no bet.
So, to be clear. Our first bet is on Player for 1 Unit, which we win, so the next 5 hands are ‘No Bet’.
Our winning hand plus the 5 no bet hands, provide us with the six results needed for the next series of six bets.
From here we simply repeat the same, up to 3 bets, then no bet the remainder of the six.
Time to run the analysis and see what results we get.
We stayed in profit for the full 1000 Live Dealer Hands,
with the exception of 1 hand where the balance dropped to negative 0.9 of a Unit.
Although the balance swung up and down, with table variance,
there were many points at which we could have walked away in profit.
This is certainly a method for the more patient player, who is happy to obtain profit over several shoes.
Whilst preparing the Excel Analysis I decided, out of interest, to add Cluster Betting.
I was interested to see if playing table variance would make any difference.
As you can see from the graph, the Cluster Betting balance was a little more volatile
but did produce a higher overall return in profit.
You can find out more about Cluster betting in my previous video titled, ’12 Numbers for Profit’.
It should be noted that Cluster Betting ignores the three bet element of Permutation 63
and bets whenever the table is in our favour, and doesn’t when it is not.
The reason behind Cluster Betting’s performance is that the hit rate over the 1000 hands averaged 54%.
Going back to Permutation 63, we can see that Win Streaks outstripped Consecutive Losses.
Our Peak Balance was 32.7 Units with our minimum being -0.9 Units.
Permutation 63 in its original form can be a very profitable approach to playing Baccarat.
It is definitely not for the hit and run player and requires patience to grind out a profit over consecutive shoes.
Table variance can still get in the way so make sure you have a solid stop loss in place.
Hit Rates are reasonable and generally tend about 50% making this one of the more reliable strategies.
I’m going to give this a rating of 4 out of 5 due to its consistency.
Our first 4 rated strategy in the series.
Watch out for a follow up ‘Bonus Video’ releasing shortly.
I will be using the Permutation 63 bet selection method with Cluster Betting for one shoe, on a live dealer table, with real money.
If you found this video helpful or would like to suggest other strategies
for me to review then please leave a comment in the section below.
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With that, I’ll see you in the next video and remember,
enjoy the casino, but play sensibly.

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