Colorado Buffaloes @ Texas Long Horns Prop Bets – Alamo Bowl

The Colorado Buffaloes vs. Texas Longhorns betting line was coming in at Texas -1.

The Alamo Bowl is an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision college football bowl game played annually since 1993 in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2010 it matches the second choice team from the Pac-12 Conference and the second choice team from the Big 12 Conference.

The Longhorns will play in the Alamo Bowl for the fifth time and second straight year, while Colorado will appear in the postseason game for the third time and first since losing to Oklahoma State in 2016.

Texas (6-3, 5-3 in Big 12 play) came into the season with an experienced and talented team that was expected to challenge for the Big 12 Conference title. But the Longhorns were derailed by early-season losses to TCU and Oklahoma and dropped a crucial game to Iowa State on the day after Thanksgiving that kept them out of the Big 12 championship game.

The Alamo Bowl marks the 57th all-time bowl appearance for the Longhorns, the second-most in the country behind only Alabama.

The Buffaloes were the surprise team of the Pac-12 this season and made the most out of their limited opportunities, finishing the regular season with a 4-1 mark, and 3-1 in league play for a second-place finish in the South Division.

Prop Bets

Rot First To Score Moneyline
1001 Colorado
1002 Texas
Rot Score in 1st 5 mins Moneyline
1003 Yes
1004 No
Rot First Score of the Game Moneyline
1005 TD
1006 Any Other Score
Rot Longest TD in the Game Moneyline
1007 Over 58½ Yards
1008 Under 58½ Yards
Rot First Scoring Play Moneyline
1009 Colorado TD
1010 Colorado FG
1011 Colorado Any Other Score
1012 Texas TD
1013 Texas FG
1014 Texas Any Other Score
Rot A Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times Moneyline
1015 Yes
1016 No
Rot Team Scoring 1st Wins Game Moneyline
1017 Yes
1018 No
Rot Winning Margin Moneyline
1019 Colorado to win by 1-6 pts
1020 Colorado to win by 7-12 pts
1021 Colorado to win by 13-18 pts
1022 Colorado to win by 19-24 pts
1023 Colorado to win by 25-30 pts
1024 Colorado to win by 31-36 pts
1025 Colorado to win by 37-42 pts
1026 Colorado to win by 43 or more pts
1027 Texas to win by 1-6 pts
1028 Texas to win by 7-12 pts
1029 Texas to win by 13-18 pts
1030 Texas to win by 19-24 pts
1031 Texas to win by 25-30 pts
1032 Texas to win by 31-36 pts
1033 Texas to win by 37-42 pts
1034 Texas to win by 43 or more pts
Rot Double Result Moneyline
1035 Colorado/Colorado
1036 Colorado/Tie
1037 Colorado/Texas
1038 Tie/Colorado
1039 Tie/Tie
1040 Tie/Texas
1041 Texas/Colorado
1042 Texas/Tie
1043 Texas/Texas
Rot Will Game Go to Overtime Moneyline
1044 Yes
1045 No

– Ean Lamb,

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