Cirque du Soleil Won’t be Leaving Las Vegas

Less than a month ago, Cirque du Soleil announced the permanent closure of their Zumanity show at the New York New York Resort in Las Vegas. But any concerns that the company will close down and abandon Sin City don’t seem to be true.

Just a year ago their aquatic show“O” began a first ever seven-night schedule. The show originally opened with Bellagio back in October of 1998. After passing the 10,000-show mark last September, the production hired new artists and increased the cast to 117 from 77 in preparation for what should have been its biggest year yet.

Then came Coronavirus. But just week, the Cirque President and CEO said “O” will likely be the first Cirque show to reopen on the Las Vegas Strip in 2021:

“People in Las Vegas and even we ourselves sometimes forget that ‘O’ is the most successful show in the world. There is no other single show that is selling that many tickets year after year for over 20 years now,” he said. “This signature show is a symbol for us and that’s why it will be more than natural to open ‘O’ first. It will send a clear signal worldwide that Cirque du Soleil is back.”

You can find more on the return of Cirque to Las vegas after the pandemic at the Las Vegas Sun.

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