Casinos in Mississippi Showing Signs of Recovery

The entire land-based gambling industry in the US had to shut down several months ago, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This affected every single casino out there, and the ones located in Mississippi were no exception. However, they were allowed to reopen their doors on May 21 and started showing first signs of improvement.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC) issued a report that reveals gambling revenue for the period of June and July 2021. Even though the casinos were shut down for almost two months, the numbers showed that they are on the road to recovery, as there was a report of a gradual increase in revenue.

The Magnolia State’s casinos had to follow certain rules and procedures before and after reopening. In order to ensure the maximum safety of all visitors, they had to introduce various health and safety measures. First of all, there were protocols that made sure sanitization was enhanced, and high traffic areas had to be cleaned properly and regularly in order to lower risks related to spreading the disease.

Apart from cleaning the place, the operators also had to make certain restrictions when it comes to games. That’s why the maximum number of players in most of Mississippi casinos was limited to three, and the number of slot machines was reduced in order to ensure social distancing measures.

Finally, all casino patrons will have to wear mandatory face masks while inside gaming floors. The MGC issued this rule early in July.

Operators in Mississippi Doing Well Year-on-Year

The operators in Mississippi made great year-on-year result. The coastal casinos started their recovery process in June and made a revenue of $104.9 million. What makes this figure great is that the revenue achieved in June 2019 was $109.4 million, when there were no social distancing measures nor coronavirus shutdowns.

The revenue starter improving even more in July, as the casinos in Mississippi managed to report $115,8 million in July, compared to $117.4 million in July 2019.

Casino revenue in Mississippi for June and July was great, but the total gambling revenue was even better. The total revenue that operators in this state raised in July 2019 was $184 million. That changed in July 2020, where a total of $195 million was reported.

Even though the revenue is improving, the entire gaming industry in Mississippi still suffered a heavy blow from the coronavirus spread. The gambling revenue for April, when there were basically no active operators, was $0.00. The May revenue was only $68.8 million, meaning that there was a huge plunge compared to April and May of 2019 when the recorded combined revenue was $367.2 million.

This is good news not only for the operators but for the entire state of Mississippi which will tax the revenue casinos made and fill the state’s coffers. The tax money can be used to help the state recover from the consequences created by the coronavirus pandemic.

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