Casino Games Inspired By The Indian Culture

Gambling has been an essential part of the Indian culture. The concept can be seen in the history books tracing back to even before the Mahabharata! Everyone knows about the instances of gambling in the Mahabharata, including one where a kingdom is lost because of a gambling game.

People also play different money games during the festival of Diwali! Playing dice and other games are a symbol of prosperity and invite wealth. Now that we have established that gambling has been in our culture for longer than we can imagine, let’s take a look at some of the games that have made their way into the online gaming culture!

Teen Patti

One of the most popular card games in India, Teen Patti is a 3-card game also known as Indian Poker, flash or 3-card brag! Players bet based on the strength of their cards and their skills. It is a very social game mostly played during the Diwali season. There is usually an ante or boot amount put on the table (the pot). The betting then starts by the player next to the dealer.

Andar Bahar

Another immensely popular card game from India is Andar Bahar or Katti. The game became popular due to its simplicity and the rise in popularity of online casinos recently. The premise of the game is also very interesting which makes it even more popular amongst the masses. Due to this game’s popularity, most of the leading online casinos in India offer the game on their live casino sites.


There are numerous variations of this game. They all offer a typical arrangement of features found in the basic game. A standard deck of 52 cards is utilized. All rummy games are about card-merging, i.e., shaping legitimate combinations of sequences and/or sets. Players pick and discard a card on their respective turns in order to accomplish that objective. The person who effectively merges his/her cards before all others, is the victor in that round of rummy. Rummy is without a doubt one of the most popular card games in the country!

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is originally an engaging street game. This conventional dice wagering game has been well known since the Hindu celebration of Dashain, Tihar, and Dashami. Following the roots from Indian state Arunachal Pradesh, this generally famous game is played with 6, 6 sided dice highlighting a diamond, a heart, a flag, a club, a spade, and a face as various symbols. This is another card game originating from India that has risen in popularity due to the rise of online betting operators in the country!

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The real money gaming industry is currently on a rise like never seen before in the country! Online casinos have made it easier for people to play all these games. Hopefully, the industry is able to maintain this upward trajectory and the government understands its importance as well. For more interesting reads about real money gaming in India and more poker news, keep reading PokerShots!

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