Blackjack is a great, beatable game. Just a +EV reminder for anyone on a downswing.

I just wanted to share a little inspiration with y’all.

I haven’t really played BJ much in the past year or so because I was busy with other games. I had a 4SD downsing playing somthing else recently and I haven’t been able to get a seat at some games lately so I thought I’d play a bit of blackjack and make a few bucks while generating some RFB comps.

I had forgot how great it feels to win counting cards! The edge is tiny but when it works it feels like you’re a freaking magician. Occasionally you get those spots where everything just lines up and you get to the last hand of the shoe and you put 2 or 3 hands of your max bet out and win them all (maybe with a double or split aces mixed in!) It’s so satisfying it’s hard to describe. Anyway, I just wanted to remind you guys that if you are playing a near-perfect game you WILL win in the long run. The swings can/will suck and take a toll on you but if you LOVE the game and put in some time studying it will be rewarding!

If you don’t love it, or can’t handle the mental pressure of occasionally getting your bankroll crushed, find a different hobby. If you’re just starting out, buy a book and read everything on the internet before you even think about going into a casino.


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