Blackjack Card Counting Bankroll Calculator

I recently created an application in pycharm to calculated risk of ruin and winning a profit. You can enter your bankroll, your minimum true count to bet, what you bet at negative truecounts, and what you bet at TC1 through TC6. I think this gives a lot of options for entering inputs and you can even see what happens if flat bet all the time. Since I just made it you can’t change the rules of the games, and it doesn’t account for playing deviations based off the true count. But the rules are, dealer stays at any 17, BJ pays 3:2, no insurance, you can double after split, can’t double aces. If anyone knows how to use python and want to look at it I posted a github link and a direct EXE of the program in this video:

it’s free and all that so I hope some aspiring card counters can find use out if it. I’d love feedback on new features or whatever so let me know any problems or ideas.

Edit: Updated the EXE so that the prompt, “Press any key to exit” Would happen after giving all the data to the user.

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