Been exposed…

On Wednesday, I had coffee with an old friend in her small living room. She told me that she had taken a Covid test, was waiting for her result. Apparently the entire office staff where she worked was asked to take the test. She wasn’t wearing a mask and I did not either as she served tea and cookies. She was about 4-6 feet from me. I spent about 45 minutes with her.

Today, Friday, she called me to apologize, said she tested positive. She has no symptoms. She said the county might be contacting me (so far, they have not). I looked up what to do after contact with someone who tested positive and it says to quarantine myself for 2 weeks. However, after I saw the person and before I heard of her Covid positive test, I was in close contact with my son and spouse.

Now what? I guess I quarantine myself but how. I am wearing a mask at home but my son and wife have their school and job to go to. I live in a small condo. The spouse and Zi watch TV together, eat dinner together. I suppose we can keep 6 feet apart.

The doctor told me to wait for a minimum of 5 days after contact before getting myself tested. This means I get tested on Monday.

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