Bachelorette Season 16 Odds – Who Will Clare Crawley Marry?

Clare Crawley is looking for her husband on Season 16 of the Bachelorette. Photo by @BacheloretteABC (Twitter)
  • Clare Crawley is the leading lady for season 16 of The Bachelorette
  • Quite a few men have already drawn her interest – which ones might end up with the final rose?
  • Is there value in betting that she won’t tie the knot after the season? See odds and analysis below

After production of season 16 of The Bachelorette was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show is back. The first two episodes have taken place and there has been no shortage of drama in the early going. Following episode one, Clare made it clear her front runner was Dale. The former pro football wide receiver and recipient of her first impression rose.

There have been other men who have piqued Clare’s interest, including Jason, another former football player (apparently she has a type), who opened up about some deep issues of his past, and that brought them closer together. She also has taken a shining to Eazy, a sports marketing agent, and Chasen

As with every season, we are promised the most turbulent wild ride for the show’s stars epic journey to find love. Which man might steal Clare’s heart? Is there value in wagering that she doesn’t end up being together with the guy she chooses at the end?

Will Clare Marry The First Runner-Up In 2021?

Yes Odds No Odds
+600 -1200

All odds taken Oct. 21

It’s important to note the final rose ceremony must happen for action to be final, and also the stipulation being that it occurs in 2021.

Clare Crawley Wants An Assertive Man

Clare is not beating around the bush this season, after already being on four different versions of the Bachelor series. After the group date, she wasn’t impressed that the men didn’t immediately talk with her and she let them know it. Any men on the season who aren’t all in with her, much like Brandon, who didn’t have many compliments for her, will be cut off the show.

At the risk of spoiling past seasons of the show, just know that it would be unlikely for the runner-up to end up “winning” yet again.

Clare is assertive and knows what she wants. So, despite there being little value in it, no is the clear choice.

Pick: No, Clare Doesn’t Marry The Runner-Up (-1200)

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Will Clare Marry Marry The Recipient Of The Final Rose In 2021?

Yes Odds No Odds
+185 -280

Clare’s Past Points To Her Not Getting Married

Oddsmakers are still wary of her getting to the end of the journey and then actually going through with it to walk down the aisle. Back on Bachelor Winter Games, Benoit proposed to her, but two months later they decided to sever ties.

It’s rare, however, this early into a season to see a Bachelor or Bachelorette be so decisive with who they’re interested in. This leads me to believe she’s following her heart this season.

One thing is certain after watching Clare for four seasons, things will get very very interesting and it will be unpredictable for the most dramatic and explosive seasons in Bachelorette history. People will be vulnerable, and have their walls down and they’ll be in it for the right reasons.

Pick: Yes, Clare Marries The Recipient Of The Final Rose (+185)

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