Andrew Yang Wants a Casino on Governors Island

Andrew Yang is a famous entrepreneur, and you may have heard about him as he was one of the people running to be a presidential candidate in front of the Democratic Party. Even though Joe Biden was chosen instead of him, Yang didn’t despair and immediately returned to his other duties as an entrepreneur. He wasn’t out of politics entirely, though, as he is now running to become the next mayor of New York City.

The crypto enthusiast has been already discussed as one of the potential candidates for becoming a mayor, and he is working hard on getting more support from the residents of the Big Apple.

Yang has some ideas that some New Yorkers would call far-fetched, but he is really serious about them. The one that made many gambling industry professionals interested involves a casino. Namely, Andrew Yang wants to build a casino located on Governors Island, which is part of the New York Harbor.

The island is around 172 acres of land, and Yang believes he could turn it into one of the major tax sources. It would be a cash milking cow for New York City, struggling financially due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Yang has been visiting plenty of local shows, including the popular The Breakfast Club, where he stated that the casino on Governors Island would generate so much money “it would be bananas.”

Truth be told, whenever someone mentions the possibility of making a lot of money, many heads started turning. However, building a casino in one of New York’s islands will require much more work than just using bananas for comparisons.

In other words, there’s plenty of work to be done to make one such idea come to life. It’s definitely not an easy process.

The Obstacles Along the Way

The first major obstacle to building a casino is that the island doesn’t have much commercial activity. It’s mainly perceived as a state park, and it has one national monument.

In fact, there are just a couple of places to eat on the island, and that’s pretty much everything. With some of them being very influential, many New York residents want to leave the island just the way it is, as a quiet getaway.

Another reason why building a casino would be difficult is that everyone would be required to take a ferry trip to get to the casino. Many casino-goers usually like their access to be easy and quick.

There are legal obstacles in the way too. Namely, the federal government signed a pact with New York City, which prohibits building any gambling properties on the island.

Finally, besides Central Park, the island is the only big green place where New Yorkers can go to when they want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Building a casino there would limit the options to just Central Park.

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