50,000$ bucks to buy 50,000 tickets

Your chances of winning a jackpot on a scratch ticket, even with $50k are still not good. Your best bet with lottery would be something like Mass Cash; $1 per play with odds of winning $100k of 1:325k. But overall, still not very good. Even if you win you have to pay taxes on it. They will immediately withhold 24% for federal and 5% for state in MA.

You have better odds by going to a casino and putting the entire wad on red or black at the roulette table or playing 1 hand of blackjack. If you really want to gamble, make sure to play the first hand of a new shoe. And if you want to gamble a little less, learn how to count cards. Watch the play and count, then when you’ve got a good count sit down. Although most high limit tables don’t allow mid-shoe entry for exactly this reason. And at a table that will allow you to bet $50k the minimum per hand will probably be about $500. So you may end up playing for quite a while before you get a good count. At $500 a hand you only have 100 hands with $50k which isn’t exactly a huge bankroll. So you might actually be better off going the roulette route or putting it all on the first hand of a new shoe of blackjack.

But honestly, don’t do any of this unless you can actually afford to lose it (which you probably can’t).

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