2 clever home decluttering ideas that also help you win the lottery

2 clever home decluttering ideas that also help you win the lottery


How does a closet makeover help you win the lottery? Keep reading!

I use a number of clever ideas to run my life. And surprisingly these are how the Silver Lotto System works too.

First, here’s a couple of ways I use these ideas in our home:

To see what clothes I regularly wear and what I should toss out, I turn the hangar hooks of all my clothes in the wrong direction on the wardrobe bar.

When I wear an item, and after it’s ironed, it goes back in the closet with the hook pointed the correct way.

After a year, I toss out all those clothes I haven’t worn by simply checking the hook positions which show the unworn items.

They get donated usually, so someone else can benefit from them.

In our kitchen we use the same system. After one of our major declutter clean-ups recently, we put all the utensils we use daily in a big plastic jar.

This is our pantry and the jar.

Items like extra fish slices, giant pronged forks and various large scoopers went into the jar instead of cluttering up the kitchen drawers.

When we use an item from the jar, it goes back into the drawer. And after a couple of months we’ll toss out the utensils left in the jar, as it is obvious they will rarely be used.

This is also how my lottery system works.

In the early years I found a way to isolate the number combination selections that haven’t worked, and removed them.

What’s left are the usable ones that give the greatest odds.

The result is a clean system of provable numbers combinations that give the highest chance of winning.

But remember, like the clothes hanger and utensil jar methods, it takes time for these to work well. Not years of course – some of our winners get results straight away.

But you can’t always expect instant results.

There is a process of elimination going on, and you need to be patient.

In the meantime, my system produces enough wins to satisfy most people who try it.

As you start winning, maybe just a $30 win, or up to several million dollars as a few of our lottery winners have achieved, you’re using one of the best systems in the world.

It just takes a little time. Be patient, and remember any of those small wins can turn into the giant win you’ve been waiting for:


Dear KEN, Last Saturday i was one of the lucky winners – we shared the big jackpot. 6 provisional winners of $537396.59 each (Total $3,224,379.00) and we are one of the 6. Regards,  Maher M.

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